Australian Culinary Federation Judges Accreditation Policy

Two hour training session to prepare you to judge ACF competitions at a Junior and Regional level. This workshop is the first step in our judging program & is for all new judges & recognised regional & national judges that wish to be accredited by ACF. Successful completion of the workshop will provide you with the certification to apply to be a registered ACF Judge*

The Workshop will be conducted on Zoom, the day prior to the event you will receive the workshop hand outs & exam. You will be required to send to the office your completed exam to receive your certificate, if you would like to be on the register it is recommended that you submit your application at the same time*

Online Costs
Renewals - Members Free
New Certification - Members $27.50, Non Members $55

*To be listed on the ACF Judges register you are required to submit an application as per procedures that were put in place in 2016