The Australian Culinary Federation Culinary Committee is made up of  representatives from each region that are in turn the senior judge of that region .

Their focus is running successful competitions either Regionally or Nationally under the competition guidelines of Worldchefs.

The Committee runs several regional judging workshops as well as one national judges workshop a year with the aim to create a consistent judging style and system across our country and a pathway to Worldchefs Judging credential.

Competitions are also endorsed by the  ACF through the Culinary Committee where the criteria is either written or checked and signed off by the committee.

Meeting Schedule

The Culinary Committee meets the 3rd Saturday of each Month at 11am

Please contact your region representative if you have business for the committee

Culinary Committee & Chairman of Judges

Andre Kropp
Chairman TAS
0409 536 471

Dale Lyman
0409 170 920

Peter Tischhauser
0416 126 829

Michael Strautmanis

Shane Keighley
Culinary Team
0438 078 806

Kurt Von Buren
0409 717 296

Danny Ward
0412 388 116

Darcy Greer
0409 486 830