Each year on October 20th, we celebrate International Chefs Day.

Since its creation, by the Late Chef Dr. Bill Gallagher in 2004, Worldchefs has committed to using International Chefs Day to celebrate our noble profession, always remembering that it is our duty to pass on our knowledge and culinary skills to the next generation of chefs with a sense of pride and commitment to the future.

Over the past years, Worldchefs has partnered with Nestlé Professional to teach children around the globe about the importance of healthy eating by hosting fun-filled workshops worldwide.

In 2020, many Chefs around the globe did not have the opportunity to have events due to COVID-19 and created short videos to share with children on social media, which became a big hit. The videos allowed us to reach approx.112,000 children. 

As Chefs, we are all paying closer attention towards keeping ourselves and others healthy. Having a strong immune system and eating "stress-busting" foods will help us through these challenging times.

We can also help our children, the Worldchefs way by working together in Preparing Children for a Healthy Life. International Chefs Day will once again promote the theme: Healthy Food for the Future.

In 2021, International Chefs Day also emphasized sustainability and the environment to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. It is vital for us to teach children about the impact that production and consumption of food has on the environment.

We will use this opportunity to teach children about healthy eating by letting them be creative with food. With the Chef’s input, education and help, children will be able to create recipes out of healthy foods and support Healthy Food for the Future.