The Black Hat Award is considered to be the highest achievement given to a chef. Recognizing their contribution and commitment to the commercial cookery industry. Commitment must be measurably and significantly beyond what would be expected in a normal career as a chef.

It is an award that places a high value on industry commitment in addition to culinary skill.

The primary focus of the award is intended to honor the degree, the value and length of time of the contribution to commercial cookery.

Only Chefs, who have made outstanding contributions to Australian culinary progress and development at the highest trade or professional level, will be considered for this prestigious award.


Sydney Taylor 1980 (Vale)

Alex Chenevier 1982 (Vale)

Ernst Stuhler 1984

John Miller 1987 (Vale)

Claudio Magris 1990 (Vale)

Aelfryn Bailey 1991 (Vale)

George Hill 2000

Bernd Uber 2006

Gary Farrell 2006 (Vale)

Brendan Hill 2013

Nicholas Blackmore 2020

Michael Strautmanis 2020